IT Consulting for the Automotive Industry

How to Profit From the Digital Structural Transformation


Technological and innovative leadership in the automotive industry are not a matter of course, and engineers, designers, market analysts, sales experts and suppliers have to work hard to defend and maintain this standing. Central requirements for this are a flexible automotive supply chain, smart BI and strategic automotive IT consulting.

German’s automotive industry will have to continue to adapt to far-reaching change in the coming years. The valantic Whitepaper analyzes the challenges you will encounter and how you can optimally exploit them to your advantage.

Topics of the Whitepaper:

  • Automotive Trend #1: Sustainability and E-Mobility
  • Automotive Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence – Enhanced Quality and Efficiency
  • Automotive Trend #3: Smart Industries – More Intelligent Production
  • Automotive Trend #4: Shared Economy – Full Connectivity of All Stakeholders
  • Automotive Trend #5: Customer Experience – The Digital Customer Experience
  • Implementation: Process and IT Support
  • Solutions for the Automotive Market

The white paper is available for you here!