These Are the IT Trends in 2023

White paper: The 10 Most Important Digitalization Trends in 2023


The Most Important Innovations and IT Trends in 2023:

In this free whitepaper, valantic experts present the ten most important digitalization trends in 2023, and closely examine their opportunities as well as their potential risks: Which developments should you definitely keep an eye on in 2023? How can you and your business specifically benefit from them? And which stumbling blocks should you be aware of in order to keep pace with developments? Look forward to concentrated knowledge, valuable know-how and concrete tips on the IT trends in 2023!

In the white paper, you will discover, among other things: 

  • The ten IT trends that will play a fundamental role in the digitalization efforts of German businesses in 2023
  • How to reconcile sustainability, ESG and ERP systems
  • How the business sector can leverage virtual reality – and the challenges it must overcome beforehand
  • Whether conversational AI is just hype or a must-have of the future
  • Why IoT security not only needs professional hackers, but also breach coaches
  • and much more

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