IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Enterprise Analytics for the Hybrid Multicloud

Whitepaper about the AI analytics platform IBM Cloud Pak for Data


In many companies, data silos, distributed data sources and hybrid cloud architectures constrain the enterprise-wide use of business analytics. IBM Cloud Pak for Data addresses these challenges and paves the way to more successful decisions and greater business success - AI-based, flexible, simple, cross-technology and cross-enterprise. Forrester puts the return on investment (ROI) at 86 to 158 %. "We see ourselves being able to do better analytics quite easily," one executive told Forrester.

The topics of the whitepaper "IBM Cloud Pak for Data - the Agile, Flexible Analytics Platform for the Hybrid Multi-Cloud":

  • How companies benefit from IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Maximum flexibility: information architecture and procurement models
  • Forrester: Cost and quality benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Step by step gaining insights with the AI ladder: Collect - Organize - Analyze - Infuse
  • Practical deployment scenarios and use cases
  • Licensing models: modernization bonus for existing IBM customers
  • Conclusion: A brief portrait of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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