White Paper: With a Holistic Data Strategy to Efficient Data Management

Competitive Advantages Through Data Competence and Data-Driven Business Models


Many types of data originating from many different sources: These are a company’s most valuable asset in today’s business world, and are crucial for generating competitive advantage in a company’s digital business models. Maximizing the potential slumbering in these data requires them to be of a high quality and readily accessible to relevant users. A long-term data strategy and efficient data management are imperative here. This whitepaper shows how strategic data management paves the way to a data-driven company, as well as the concrete added value it offers.

Topics discussed in the white paper:

  • Eureka experiences thanks to optimized data management and real-time evaluations
  • Benefits of strategic data management
  • Central starting points of strategic data management
  • Four steps to strategic data management

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