IT security and data protection are addressed in the image by a data center, two women in front of a digital access barrier, and a laptop

Disaster: Cyber Attack

What to do when a disaster strikes...

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In this Whitepaper, we would like to give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, using the example of an actual cyber compromise of a typical – but unnamed – German hidden champion that fell victim to a ransomware attack (or Cyber Attack). In the case concerned, ransomware (also known as an extortion Trojan, extortion software or encryption Trojan) encrypted the IT systems, thereby rendering them unusable.

Topics of the white paper:

  • After the initial shock: Documenting evidence and the course of events
  • Imporant measures?
  • To pay or not to pay?
  • The “No-Pay” scenario – Advantages and disadvantages
  • The “Pay” scenario – Advantages and disadvantages
  • Disaster Contingencies

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