What's new in Anaplan?
(October´23 Edition)

Webinar series: Exclusive insights and update on the latest release of new Anaplan features 

Building upon the success of our previous "What's new in Anaplan" webinar held in April 2023, we're thrilled to announce the continuation of our series, now covering the latest Anaplan releases from April till September 2023, including the latest new workflow functionalities!

In our concise 30-minute session, we'll bring you exclusive insights into the most important releases that have been introduced, and we'll demonstrate these enhancements practically on the platform. Just like before, our webinar remains interactive, allowing ample time for questions and answers, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the updates.

Join us for this upcoming webinar and let's continue this journey of exploration and learning together!

In case you are interested in the updates from January until April 2023, please have a look here for the webinar recording.

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Our experts:

Jérôme Thomann

Senior Consultant & Anaplan Solution Architect

Jérôme Thomann has several years of experience as a management consultant for a leading accounting and consulting firm in Zurich with a special focus on finance and digitalization transformation. With his extensive background knowledge and experience in different industries, he leads complex projects to success and works with strategic and digital solutions at the forefront of today's trends. His technology focus is on planning solutions within valantic as a certified Anaplan Solution Architect.


Who is the webinar series intended for:
This series of events is aimed at existing Anaplan users who have already implemented the platform in their company and want to be informed about the latest functionalities, as well as planning experts who already know Anaplan and are in a tool evaluation.