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Driving Decarbonization with SAP Sustainability Footprint Management

Discover how SAP SFM enables you to manage environmental impact along your supply chain

When:  July 31, 2024 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (English)

In today's business environment, sustainability management is essential for your competitiveness. On the on hand, regulations like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are inevitable. On the other hand, a sustainable business makes you stand out for potential customers and other stakeholders. Our upcoming webinar is designed to help companies adapt and thrive under these requirements.

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management (SFM) is a comprehensive tool that integrates with existing SAP systems, allowing companies to calculate their carbon footprint by product, corporate operations, and transport. This helps businesses identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with global regulations, and clearly communicate their sustainability efforts.

In our webinar we will present SAP SFM’s functionalities in a live system demo. Using the fictive example of the “Green Bike Company” we will demonstrate how the business can track and evaluate real time data from the production of the bikes up to their transportation. In addition, we will highlight how the company can use the SAP SFM dashboard to derive recommendations for reducing emissions along their supply chain and therefore drive decarbonization.

Content of the webinar on SAP Sustainability Footprint Management:

  • Learn more about the different functionalities of SAP SFM 
  • Experience a live demo showcasing how the "Green Bike Company" drives decarbonisation with SAP SFM 
  • Use the Q&A at the end to to address your challenges and ask questions

Our experts:


Felix Wöss is a Senior Solution Advisor for Sustainability solutions at SAP. His focus is on the topic of decarbonization and how this can be supported by SAP solutions.

Matthias Locher_valantic

Matthias Locher is a Senior Consultant in the IBP team at valantic. In the area of sustainability, such as ESG transparency and decarbonization, he advises clients from various industries in the supply chain management environment. 

Filipe Silva_valantic

Filipe Silva is a Logistics Consultant at valantic. He has profound experiences when it comes to the implementation of SAP S/4HANA as well as SAP IBP. In addition, he specializes in SAP sustainability solutions such as SAP SFM and SAP SCT.

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The webinar is meant for decision makers and team members of ESG or sustainability departments and IT.


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