Webinar Planning and Scheduling of the Supply Chain with wayRTS (Real Time Simulation)


The APS system wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) from valantic is a software for real-time production planning and scheduling of all value-added stages of a company. wayRTS offers the possibility to make planning transparent, efficient and automated. By visualizing the production and logistics processes, planning results remain transparent and comprehensible and can be modified interactively at any time.

What is our webinar about? In our webinar, you will learn how to simplify your supply chain planning & scheduling in a way that both reduces planning effort and increases planning quality. The objective is the automated creation of reliable order planning with consistent load profiles and valid scheduling dates.

Your Expert

Andreas Wagner-Manslau is partner at valantic and looks back on many years of experience in supply chain management.



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Who is it intended for?

The webinar is suitable for people responsible for supply chain management, planning & control, process planning and order center.

Exploit the business management potential of the supply chain with wayRTS

Use the latest scenario technology to simulate your entire order activity and schedule events under changing conditions such as short-time work, extra shifts, machinery failure or the integration of a new production line. Increase your efficiency in value creation with further optimisation options:

  • Integration of engineering / project planning into the planning process
  • Scenario comparison of production strategies and / or sales inquiries
  • Electronic link between your key suppliers and extended workbenches
  • Order scheduling based on ATP / CTP queries
  • Increase productivity through synchronised supply chain processes

Based on a practical example, find out how a company from the automotive sector manages to master its complexity and reduce stocks while simultaneously increasing flexibility and productivity.