Webinar Optimization of customer order processing with wayATP



Newly recorded or changed customer order items must be checked for feasibility as quickly as possible. In the best case, sales employees can make statements about delivery dates in the shortest possible time without having to rely on colleagues from production planning and procurement. The SAP standard does not offer a suitable solution for this. The wayATP software closes this functional gap and, by resolving the entire production structure, enables a multi-stage ATP check at item level in SAP ECC and/or S/4HANA.

What is our webinar about? Find out which tasks wayATP performs in SAP, which installation and operating requirements have to be observed and to what extent the add-on differs from SAP board tools. The webinar is topped off by a demo in the SAP system of valantic.

Your Expert

Andreas Wagner-Manslau is partner at valantic and can look back on many years of experience in supply chain management.


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Who is it intended for?

The webinar is suitable for people responsible for supply chain management, planning & control, process planning and order center.

Your Benefits

  • Automatic schedule checking directly from the standard transactions in SAP
  • Consideration of the checking processes present in SAP
  • Transfer of a test result in just a few seconds
  • Access to the entire manufacturing structure
  • Use of compression rules to map express shipments
  • User-friendly presentation of results