Webinar on demand:
AI in the Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Autonomous Driving Technologies

Our Webinar on demand will provide you with the following topics:

  • Autonomous driving overview
  • Motivation: Why automated ADAS sensor validation
  • State-of-the-Art technologies in object detection
  • AI based Labeling
  • AI4ADAS: AI based labeling demo

Our Expert


Tom Klein
Senior Developer & Team Lead ADAS at
valantic Software & Technology Innovations 


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More about our expert Tom Klein

Tom Klein, born in 1988, studied information technology and industrial engineering in Zwickau. Both in his university research and in his professional life at valantic, he drives innovative projects in the area of automotive with his extensive expertise. The focus is on the development of Engine Control Unit (ECU) components for autonomous driving as well as in the field of e-mobility. In innovative sensor development projects for autonomous driving, he evaluates new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision and brings these solutions with his team into the market.