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Leveraging Data Visualization and Business Insights with SAP Analytics Cloud

Brief Introduction to SAC:

SAP Analytics cloud is a powerful solution for fulfilling enterprise analytical needs, facilitating informed decision-making and bolstering confidence in actions taken. It uniquely offers a comprehensive suite encompassing Business Intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning within a single cloud-based solution.

 Accessible to all users, it integrates artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, natural language query, and natural language generation, ensuring ease of use for a wide spectrum of users. This comprehensive platform empowers organization to analyse, predict, and plan using diverse data sources, establishing a cohesive analytics platform throughout the entire organization.

SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates into the existing application landscape, offering a unified perspective by consolidating all business data for reporting and planning into one centralized hub. This facilitates the transition from business intelligence to comprehensive business analytics.

SAP Analytics cloud ensures smart and prompt decision making with the assistance of AI tools. Leveraging the Analytics Cloud empowers everyone in the organization to make decisions confidently. Our goal is to facilitate informed and timely decision-making.

Having successfully deployed SAP Analytics Cloud solutions for various clients, we have the expertise to customize and implement SAP Analytics Cloud solutions to suit the specific needs of your organization.

When? Thursday, April 04, 2024 at 15:00 IST / 11:30 CET

About the Webinar Join us for an engaging SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) webinar where we delve into the transformative capabilities of SAC, exploring its advanced analytics and business intelligence features & functionalities. Discover how SAC can empower your organization by providing insights that drive informed decision-making. We will guide you through key features and best practices, offering a valuable opportunity to enhance your proficiency and maximize the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Your Experts

vSDI Prashanthi JampalaPrashanthi Jampala is a SAC professional in the area of advanced analytics and planning. Her expertise lies in designing interactive and visually appealing dash boards. Besides SAC, she also has knowledge on BW, BW4HANA, Native HANA, BPC and Group consolidation.

vSDI Pujari Pavan SaiPujari Pavan Sai a seasoned Business Intelligence (BI) professional with extensive expertise in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). His expertise includes Analytical Application Development, S/4 Embedded Analytics and integration of SAC with various systems i.e., BW, Datasphere & other                                     data warehouse solutions.

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