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Quick-Check Sustainability

Sustainability consulting for companies to achieve their own climate goals

Mockup Quick check Sustainability

We at valantic, we regard sustainability as a holistic approach, which, in addition to the area of ecology, also strongly influences social and economic factors. This understanding has a significant impact on our approach to consulting and joint projects with our customers.

Do you want to define your sustainability vision, detail focus topics for your company or create a roadmap for your vision? Then download our quick-check on the topic of sustainability.

Find out more about sustainability in our quick check:

  • How can companies implement risk management that exposes social scandals with indirect suppliers?
  • How do companies create transparency right down to the raw material supplier / tier-n?
  • How can companies verify and ensure compliance with environmental and social regulations in the supply chain?
  • How can companies fulfill documentation obligations with efficient, digital processes?
  • How can companies anchor sustainability to their contractors and regularly check it?

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