SAP S/4HANA Expert Survey 2021

Results of the trend survey 


valantic asks – and companies answerWith the SAP S/4HANA expert survey 2021 carried out for the fourth time in a row, valantic identified current trends around the topic of SAP S/4HANA and asked companies what are currently the relevant issues for them in a transformation. 

It has been shown that automation has become an important driver for S/4HANA implementation. There are also interesting new developments with regard to the possible implementation approaches Greenfield, Brownfield and BluefieldAnd the operating model also plays an increasingly important role in the implementation of S/4HANA.

Learn in our survey report:

  • The current reasons for an SAP S/4HANA implementation
  • What really matters to the companies surveyed with regard to a transformation
  • In which areas companies see the greatest automation potential
  • Which migration approaches are preferred
  • How on-premise, cloud, and hybrid operating models score

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