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Product sheet wayCloud Platform – The Collaboration Platform for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Better collaboration along complex, multi-tier supply chains

Mockup Product Sheet wayCloud Platform - Collaboration SCM

Planning and controlling your production with the valantic Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) achieves a high degree of transparency and adherence to deadlines. However, in complex multi-tier value chains, there are factors that are not part of the company itself. Planning-relevant information from suppliers is not available in due time and must be obtained with considerable effort in some cases. It would also be desirable to keep customers up-to-date on progress and get easy feedback with no extra effort. In order to further optimize supply chain management, external partners must be involved. And that’s exactly what the wayCloud platform offers.

Learn more in our product sheet and your benefits:

  • wayCloud Platform offers a simple way to integrate contract manufacturers into planning processes with the Collaboration Lists app. 
  • The Projects app provides a convenient way to share project plans and communicate activities and milestones
  • The CCM (Connected Chain Manager) app of the way-Cloud Platform facilitates communication among partners along the multi-tier supply chain.
  • Compiling a carbon footprint and identifying reduction potentials

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