Triad Contract Management IFRS 15 & 16

Contract Management IFRS 15 & 16


The International Financial Reporting Standard 15 (revenue from contracts with customers) and IFRS 16 (leases) impose high demands on costing and accounting systems since becoming effective in 2018/19. With the SAP integrated contract management software cuContract you always do your accounting in compliance with IFRS! 

Get to know in this product sheet all about: 

  • Automated inventory and classification of contracts
  • Docmentation of all decision parameters and evaluation decision
  • Audit-compliant digital records with overview of all contracts and contract relations (including non-IFRS)
  • Creation of several value flow time lines
  • Periodical and event driven review and re-evaluation of contracts
  • Connections to a range of document archives incl. Excel
  • Interfaces to SAP RE-FX, SAP SRM, SAP MM
  • Wide range of analysis, reporting and simulation options 

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