ISO 20022 
The New Normal


ISO 20022 – The New Normal

The world of payment transactions is experiencing a radical change: With the upcoming migration of the SWIFT standard to ISO 20022, banks will have to face a variety of new challenges, both professionally and technically. In the webinar ISO 20022 – The New Normal, Dirk Vesper, Vice President and Product Owner of FinCASE explains the current challenges. In addition, opportunities offered by ISO 20022 and solution concepts for successfully coping the migration will be presented. Questions regarding the coexistence of SWIFT, MT and ISO 20022 will also be focused during the webinar: “How should a parallel operation be handled in future?” or “Which solution approaches are already existing on the market?”

Quick Wins

  • Which new prospects of process optimisation exist?
  • Which problems may occur with ISO 20022 and how to cope them?
  • Coexistence of SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 – how can both standards work together?
  • How will queries and investigations change in future?

The details:


ISO 20022 – The New Normal


09.06.2020, 10 - 11 a.m.


Microsoft Teams Meeting

For whom

Everyone who is professionally or technically involved in SWIFT, ISO 20022 and payment transactions.



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