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FP&A Webinar Series 2023

Future-Proofing Financial Planning - Empowering Companies with Adaptive FP&A

Traditional methods no longer cut it in today's fast-paced business landscape, where uncertainty and constant change prevail.

Are you ready to revolutionize your financial planning processes and unlock your company's full potential?

Join us for our first exclusive webinar out of the FP&A series, "Future-Proofing Financial Planning: Empowering Companies with Adaptive FP&A," where we dive into the world of modern financial budgeting and forecasting and discover the power of adaptive FP&A.

Imagine the ability to simulate multiple scenarios, harness the capabilities of AI and machine learning, implement driver-based planning, and seamlessly integrate rolling forecasts into your financial strategy.

Do not miss out this opportunity and learn in our concise, interactive 30-minute hands-on session, how these tools and techniques can empower your company to navigate complexity and make informed decisions in real-time. valantic + Anaplan FP&A experts will share practical insights, best practices, and success stories from companies that have already transformed their financial planning approaches.

And this is not all: during the session, our experts will offer you the opportunity to vote on your most burning FP&A questions, which will also be specifically addressed.

Mark your calendar, register yourself now and gain a competitive edge in today's dynamic business environment!

Together, let's unlock the future of financial planning and drive your company's success to new heights!

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Our experts:

Axel Truedsson

Senior Consultant & Anaplan Specialist at valantic

Axel Truedsson is Planning & Analytics Senior Consultant with an extensive background in the area of financial planning. He loves to dig into customer problems and solve them with modern technology. With his M.Sc. in Industrial engineering and Management with a technical profile in system and software development he spent several years in management consulting at one of the big four consulting firms before joining valantic as an Anaplan expert.

Tobias Bienasch
Tobias Bienasch 

Enterprise Account Executive at Anaplan

Tobias joined Anaplan in early 2021 as an Account Executive responsible for sales in the key account environment, especially in the consumer goods and retail industries. Previously, he was very successful in various sales roles for more than 5 years at Oracle and Shopgate.


Who is the webinar series intended for:
This series of events is aimed at CFO’s, Financial Experts and Financial Controllers who want to empower their company with agile FP&A and Budgeting Solutions.