What's New in X-Gen 4.12?

Learn more about the new functionalities, improvements and enhancements in X-Gen Release 4.12.

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Integrated Documentation

Project and Object Descriptions

Revision of Objects

Git Enhancements

Enhancements of Parent/Child Mappings

X-Gen App Designer News

ISO 20022 and SWIFT Message Definitions


  • ISO 20022: Separate projects for each issuer, business area and version / year

  • Install only the required message areas

  • Different versions can be used simultaneously

  • Comfortable wizard in XRD to switch from one version to the next

Technical Improvements



Support of OpenSSL 1.1.1

OpenSSL version 1.1.1 is now supported. The OpenSSL libraries are shipped with X-Gen for all platforms.



Keystore support in WebService Server Adapter

The WSServer Adapter can now use certificates and keys from external hardware security modules (HSM, PKCS11) via X-Gen keystore parameters.


PostgreSQL available as SQL database (beta version)

PostgreSQL is newly supported as SQL database in SQL source and destination adapters, in SQLOperator(List) and StatementBuilder operators and in SQL Queries. It is expected to work but the feature is still in Beta status. X-Gen message repositories based on PostgreSQL are not supported yet.



Search for meta fields

A new context menu entry on a project allows to search for both the setting and the usage of meta fields. The result list shows the objects where the meta field was found, and when double-clicking an object in this list, the XRD opens that object and scrolls to where the meta field is set or used.



"IN (...)" in XQL

Expression example: /Status IN ("NEW", "PND", "ESC")

Download the detailed feature descriptions


Do You Know valantic's X-Gen Based Payment Solutions?


Real Time Payment Engine

Modular payment hub for Instant, SEPA, SWIFT and Domestic Payments


FinCase for Investigations

Efficient complaint management for banking transactions


FinCase for Bank2Bank Commissions

Efficient receivables management for correspondent banks

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