Dreiklang Demo case diskrete Fertigung DMI Bike AG

E-Book: SAP End-to-End Demo case for discrete manufacturing industries (DMI): 

Integrated SAP end-to-end planning and execution solutions using the example of Bike AG

In the system demo developed by valantic, numerous SAP solutions are used at Bike AG, a fictitious manufacturer of bicycles: In this demo case DMI, we show you how planning, execution and analytics with SAP IBP and embedded PP/DS unleash their power in interaction with integrative production supply and disposal processes in SAP EWM, SAP DMC and SAP TM. 

The triad of planning, production and delivery plays a central role in discrete manufacturing industries (DMI). The processes in these three phases should be ideally coordinated and designed end-to-end. The SAP solutions that make this possible are best illustrated by an example.

Mockup DemoCase Bike AG en

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This e-book is intended for existing and prospective customers in the area of SAP IBP, embedded PP/DS as well as SAP EWM, SAP DMC, SAP TM, SAP AC.