Pigment - the new player in the market

Webinar on the introduction into Pigment: next-generation integrated business planning platform

Do you want to discover the future of data analytics and business planning? Pigment is the solution for your business, enabling you to save valuable time on preparing data and focus on analyzing them.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the platform and its key features.
  • Get to know closer valantic and Pigment.
  • Find out how Pigment can help you reaching your business goals, automating tedious manual tasks, performing data analysis and thus support you in making informed decisions.

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Our experts: 


Philipp Verhoeven_edited

Philipp Verhoeven
Regional Sales Lead, Pigment



David Sebastian Mandl
Principal Consultant, valantic


This webinar addresses all potential end users who want to run modern data analysis from almost any source data in an agile and data-driven organization.