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You are struggling with your financial consolidation? You are still using SAP BPC, SAP FC (Cartesis), SEM-BCS or a 3rd party tool? Join our session and see the next generation of SAP-based consolidation solution!

What is this new option for the financial consolidation within the SAP landscape? Group Reporting, BCS/4HANA or this SAP Analytics Cloud / BTP based solutions.

In our webinar, we will introduce the next generation of SAP-based consolidation solution. It is provided as SAC-extension, simplifying the configuration of the entire consolidation setup (no programming skills needed), and automating the entire process.

Following topics will be discussed:

  • Evaluation of a Financial Consolidation Solution?
  • What follow BPC, SEM-BCS, BO Financial Consolidation, ex-Cartesis?
  • What is another option to SAP Group Reporting?
  • Which criteria are important when making a decision?

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 Our experts:

stefan-blinkmann-leiter-sap-analytics-valanticStefan Blinkmann
Head of SAP Analytics, valantic

Stefan Blinkmann has been working in SAP Analytics for over 20 years. As Head of SAP Analytics, he manages the entire SAP Analytics Portfolio and covers with his team the topics reporting, analytics, planning and data warehousing with SAP. However, his focus is not on the tools, but on ensuring that the technical requirements, data management and analytics methodology are optimally aligned with the customer's data and needs throughout the entire data lifecycle.

KarelKarel Jirik
Head of Product Management, NDC Group

Karel Jirik leads the development of NDC Group’s product portfolio, through which, together with his colleagues, they transform and automate business planning, analytics, scenario modelling, and financial consolidation processes. Also, he is an alumni of university of St.Gallen in Switzerland. 

For whom it is intended: 

Customers and interested parties from all sectors and areas who want to or even have to deal with the topic of consolidation in more detail: Management, master data teams, analytics teams and process experts. | C-Level, Head of Finance

The webinar is intended for potential end customers only.