Whitepaper: SAP Finanzplanung

Towards Digital Now:

Planning successfully with SAP tools

Last year, corporate planning and all the process, organizational and technical components associated with it were tested in a special way. Those companies whose planning was supported by a system had an advantage over those companies whose planning was still based on Excel.

Using the current system architecture and the organizational and technical challenges of a model customer, we would like to provide you with an overview of the considerations and initiatives that valantic is pursuing in customer projects with SAP tools.

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In the white paper "Toward the Digital Now: Planning successfully with SAP tools," you will learn...

  • Which relevant SAP planning tools are used, and which differences must be taken into account
  • What challenges and trends there are in financial planning
  • What a possible planning architecture with SAP could look like for your business
  • How valantic can help you learn about the right planning tool for your company and how to integrate it correctly


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